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Manchester Central, 2012

A by-election was held for the Manchester Central constituency on 15 November 2012 following the resignation of Labour MP Tony Lloyd, who is standing as the Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Greater Manchester.

Lucy Powell held the seat for Labour.

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Lib Dems

Party Candidate Votes Vote % Change
Labour Lucy Powell 11,507 69.1% +16.4%
Lib Dems Marc Ramsbottom 1,571 9.4% -17.2%
Conservative Matthew Sephton 754 4.5% -7.3%
UKIP Christopher Cassidy 749 4.5% +3.0%
Green Tom Dylan 652 3.9% +1.6%
BNP Eddy O'Sullivan 492 3.0% -1.1%
Pirate Loz Kaye 308 1.9% +1.9%
TUSC Alex Davidson 220 1.3% +1.3%
Respect Catherine Higgins 182 1.1% +1.1%
Loony Howling Laud Hope 78 0.5% +0.5%
People's Democratic Lee Holmes 71 0.4% +0.4%
Communist League Peter Clifford 64 0.4% +0.4%

2010 Result
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Lib Dems

Party Candidate Votes Vote %
Labour Tony Lloyd 21,059 52.7%
Lib Dems Marc Ramsbottom 10,620 26.6%
Conservative Suhail Rahuja 4,704 11.8%
BNP Tony Trebilock 1,636 4.1%
Green Gayle O'Donovan 915 2.3%
UKIP Nicola Weatherill 607 1.5%
Socialist Labour Ron Sinclair 153 0.4%
Independent John Cartwright 120 0.3%
Workers Revolutionary Jonty Leff 59 0.1%
Socialist Equality Robert Skelton 54 0.1%

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